Travel Diary: Paris, Bustronome

My highlight was a bus tour restaurant. The concept stated on their website is:
“The BUSTRONOME is a high-end double decker bus that stands out in particular for its panoramic glass roof. He drives its passengers into the Parisian atmosphere in the best conditions whatever the season.

A delightful way to discover food and wine of a cultural capital while visiting its most beautiful monuments.
The unprecedented marriage between beauty and pleasure on board this luxury bus-restaurant, an out of the ordinary experience ready to awaken your senses. On board,passengers will discover the most beautiful views in Paris while enjoying the best of its gastronomy.”
This was awesome! A friend recommended it and it’s a definite must! See more here.
We boarded at the Arc de Triomphe, and began our 2 1/2 hr tour around the beautiful city as the sun set.
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After 6 courses we ended up at the Eiffel Tower. It was the perfect end to such an amazing dinner.
This was by far the best part of my Paris experience! (Thanks Britt!)
Dress:Forever 21, Heels:River Island, Necklace:Calypso-Bermuda, Cuff:Gift from mommy, Bag:Zara, Jacket:Asos

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