Travel Diary : Barcelona

Last stop on the euro-trip was Barcelona! I travelled to Barcelona 3 years ago around the same time of the year, and I have to say my first experience was better than this time around. The city was still as colourful and as beautiful as I remembered but it rained the WHOLE time we were there, and, it was cold.

However, this time around, I stayed at The W and this by far made up for what the weather was lacking! It’s pricey, but definitely worth it! Apart from this amazing hotel with just about everything you can think of in it, I can sum up my trip highlight in one word: Paella! Pronounced Pie-ay-ya, double L says “Ya” – high school Spanish class taught me well 🙂 . This Spanish rice dish is SO DELICIOUS! I had it twice on the trip once with chicken and pork (I didn’t eat the pork) and the second time with chorizo. Many eat it with seafood but I unfortunately am allergic to shellfish. I love fish but I didn’t want to chance it being that Europeans seem to love shellfish and I didn’t want any of it sneaking into my fish paella.

Many of the pictures are a bit dim as it was overcast. I tried to edit them as best as I could without distorting the picture quality. Enjoy!

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I managed to link up with another Bermudian, my friend Ty, and we coincidently dressed identically, lol, what are the odds of that?!


My snapchat got all my food shots! Here’s one of my love: Paella 😀


I didn’t take as many pictures here, as the weather was complete pooh! But I did still have a great time, and of course I ate some really amazing food!

That rounds up the trip! It was a super blessing and I can’t wait for the next adventure. But, for now- summer school! *BIG snoozefest* A girl’s gotta do, what a girl’s gotta do!

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