Here’s the amazing part about revelation- it exposes things to you. Awesome truths that you were unable to receive until you were prepared and ready. This kind of revelation is what sets you on a new wave of thinking and empowers you to be better.
This revelation leads to transparency. See, I knew what that meant, but when I looked it up I saw that one of the meanings were “to allow light to pass through,” and that blew me away!

Recently, after self reflection and prompting by God, I’m learning more about myself. The “good the bad and the ugly.” I find that my good gets celebrated many times unexpectedly and I’m so grateful for those experiences; they humble me more than words can ever express. But, how then can you help another person, FOR REAL, without talking about the bad and the ugly? The truth is- I’m selfish. Often. I don’t even realize it’s happening, which is so dangerous. Growing up as an only child it truly is all about you. The attention, the praise- everything! This by no means is an excuse nor a crutch to cling to. ‘Cause in the real world you’re accompanied with billions of other people. People that you have to coexist with and in some capacities you have lead. I’ve learned that I want to selfishly be apart of so many different projects then get overwhelmed in the process. I falter- often. Now, before I continue this is not a pity party or even rooted in a low place. It’s coming from a place of honesty. As a real life testament that all have flaws and you aren’t weak for making them known. Not to magnify them but so they can be used for good. To humanize you to those who may admire you, and to also strengthen those who may have a similar struggle. I believe in a BIG God, who can only heal what is revealed. So, I’m sharing. I love to share my attributes and all that I can do- who doesn’t? I believe that we are inspired to be an inspiration and that in many ways our sharing can truly push and inspire others to be their better selves.

Some where in the midst of that I, by way of God’s spirit, have to chin check myself to ensure that my goal to inspire is WHOLEHEARTEDLY to inspire. That it does not get mixed up and intertwined with self glorification. I must evaluate myself to make sure that my intentions are always pure.

Hear me out….

God’s word is the BEST way to asses yourself. Messages of love, forgiveness and humbling yourself. The way we can keep ourselves in check for real is to HONOUR God for who HE is. When we do that we don’t allow OURSELVES to become gods. His word says “man should not think more of himself than he ought to.” This isn’t stating that you think little of yourself, but it humbles you to know who you are, what you can offer but also what you can’t- and that’s everlasting life. I won’t go too far with this as the point I want to make is about transparency and the beauty of it in any extent.

Share YOU and share you HONESTLY. Your craft and your struggles with it, your journey- the high and low points, your FAITH- what you believe and why and truthfully the navigation through all of it.  We all have a purpose to fulfil and that can’t happen until we are first willing to endure the process that it requires. Most of the time that starts with honesty and sometimes it’s loaded with vulnerability. That’s OK. Let growth happen so you can be afforded the awesome ability to bless someone else with your revelation- whatever it may be. Don’t be fearful that your flaws will be used against you either. You can’t be shamed if you’ve already accepted where you fall short and are working towards a better you.

God has plans for you! It’s time to LIVE! Allow light- God’s light to pass through you!


Bless you! LOVE you,Perri xx

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