Thrift Sto’ Junkie

If you follow my posts and read the outfit descriptions at the end,  you know that 9 times out of 10 I’m wearing something thrifted.

You can find SO many unique pieces while thrifting. The key is to have an open mind and a good eye. You have to look beyond the item and envision it with the other garments in your wardrobe, or, think about ways to modernize a vintage piece.

Let’s take this sequin/mirror dress:


I love everything about it! I may never wear it without tights, but everything about it is me! I love the colour and all the texture. The extra detailing is just the cherry on top. What I also love about is I don’t have to wear accessories with it. I initially purchased it to wear to one of the fashion shows during the World Master Card Fashion week, but I decided against it last minute. The best thing about this dress is- IT WAS $20! Like, how can you beat that?

You might be wondering, where exactly would you wear that- a formal event?

Well, I could, but I can wear it just about anywhere to be honest.

Let’s take a look:


Paired with a black bomber jacket and lace up heels gives the look some balance and also a little edge. I like mixing seemingly opposing items together as it results in a fun and unexpected ensemble reflective of your creativity. Right up my alley!

IMG_5281 IMG_5396

The hat and style of jacket have more of a menswear appeal. I LOVE that! Glitz and glam + menswear = Me! It’s subtly there in all of my outfits. I could wear this just about anywhere. Swap out the heels for some flat booties and I’ll be ready to roll.



I could layer! In the winter months I’m tempted to wear sweatpants everyday! Truthfully, I do so about 3 days out of the week…. this Canadian windchill is no joke, OK?!

But on those days when I want to express myself and go the extra mile, I layer fun items together. More than likely this happens on the weekends-my goal through the week is to be as comfortable as possible, especially when I’m in the library all afternoon. Plus, it’s just school– aint nobody got time for that!

IMG_5374 IMG_5372

Layering a solid neutral colour over the dress can tone the look down a bit while still giving it dimension. As I mentioned before with this dress, I’ll probably always wear it with tights, especially if I’m wearing heels. My bare legs plus + mini days are over. Well, I’m pretty sure they are, lol. Sealing the look off are some comfortable heeled booties with matching gold embellishments.

Thrifting causes you to stretch yourself creatively with outfits. It also allows you to play in different eras. In addition to that-it’s cheap, lol #Heyyyyyy My kind of party. Finding inexpensive unique and timeless pieces are always a win!

Dress:FlashBack – Toronto, Jacket:Forever 21, Hat:H&M, Sweater:French Connection, Heels:Zara, Booties:Aldo

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