The gentle reminder

“You can’t live your life for everybody. ‘Let your good not be spoken of as evil,’ and carry on. My God sits high and looks low, I love Him for that.”

I wrote this exactly one year ago today. Don’t you just love the memory feature on Facebook?

Instantly when reading I went back in time to that very moment. I had recently received a call from my church office saying that my bishop wanted to speak with me. It was in regard to a picture I had posted to Instagram that seemed, and I quote, “suggestive.” He assured me that he saw absolutely nothing wrong with the image and went on to share stories from his past about poor media portrayal and his public image being compromised. I remember being so confused and frustrated all at once.

A little background info: I was leading a young adults group at my church for persons aged 20-29 and had recently had an article printed in a local paper, The Royal Gazetteabout the ministry. Needless to say I felt attacked. Especially because I truly saw nothing wrong with the picture and I had made a resolute decision to be more aware of how I presented myself.

This Facebook memory has acted as a gentle reminder to stay TRUE to who God has made you! He made no mistakes when creating you and you should be unapologetic about who you are and where you are on your journey. With that being said, also act in wisdom with the gifts and “limelight” He as afforded to you. It’s for our benefit, yes, but ultimately for HIS Glory! Our actions should never cause the next person to stumble- Never let your good be spoken of as evil.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I do recognize that not everyone that passes my site is of the same belief, but just know that God does love you! 😉 Our main goal should be to please our Creator in all that we do. If that’s our mandate and others have conflicting opinions about it, who cares? That’s not to suggest that we don’t love them (for we should love our neighbours as ourselves) but you WILL run yourself thin acting in “eye service” to please everyone!


While I’m at it….


For the religious church folk–> It’s unnecessary. I’ve experienced multiple “church run-ins” with mature members of the church who have had something to say about my apparel in a less than “Christ-like” manner. I do believe that we should adhere to modesty for many reasons; respecting your temple, allowing your voice to be louder than your body, not evoking lust on men only to shew them away as if you didn’t see it coming *sips tea*…all of these reasons and more. BUT, I also believe in personal conviction! If someone is truly walking with God they will be in tuned to hear the still small voice that says “that is too tight/short/revealing- take that off!” Also, in being close to God one can be willingly to receive LOVING constructive criticism. It acts as beautiful encouragement to move forward in a self-respecting, God-loving way. Everyone is at different locations on their journey….

To non-believers, I urge you to remember that Christians should attempt to do and be better but will continuously fall short. As human beings that just comes with the territory. Please don’t group us ALL together. We’re a work in progress, just like you 😉


My plight is for people to love themselves and to view themselves as God does. In doing this they will hopefully be reminded that God loves their neighbour with the same affection. It’s time for us to judge less based off of opinion, and if we must judge, to judge based off TRUTH.

You judge according to the flesh; I judge no one. And yet if I do judge, My judgement is true; for I am not alone, but I am with the Father who sent me.John 8:15,16

Also read the story of the woman and her accusers! Fits perfectly with this as well!
(John 8:1-11)

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More mixed print goodness with the classic denim on denim base…

Funky, unconventional and completely true TO ME 🙂

Sequin Jacket:Thrift, Denim Jacket:Levi’s, Jeans:Forever21, Sneaks:Converse, Purse:Guilty Pleasures-Bermuda, Frames: (yes, I wear glasses!) Tom Ford


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  1. I do too also believe in personal conviction, I personally think its something that shows great spiritual growth. It allows you sort of like jump out of the flesh-like desire and drives you back into the spiritual realm.
    Great look, totally in love with the jacket !!

    God Bless,

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