The Creative// Part I

An ode to TGL :

Thought behind the brushstroke-

“Art is the Mother of Fashion;
It’s all Fashion aspires to be,
And for that reason alone, they go hand in hand.” -Perri


Many of you may or may not know about my past creative endeavours. So let’s take a little walk down memory lane. ‘Cause it is “Throwback Thursday” right?

In 2010 I embarked on a creative experience that at the time liberated me in ways I had never experienced before. The birth of The Gold Label- TGL was something monumental in my life. Whilst in school in Toronto on a student budget, I exercised my creative abilities to be cute on a dime. Being unique was a huge factor in my wardrobe. My love for accessories was no exception to this, as they were always the forefront to any outfit. I believed then and still do, that they shape any ensemble.

I had been revamping and customizing items since I was a kid. It was something that was just innate to me. Fast forward to 2010, after accumulating a few creations, I decided to share them with my Facebook friends to show off my fun projects. Soon after sharing an album entitled ‘remix’  I got an unexpected response from many people. They had reached out inquiring if I could customize their shoes as well. The album only had a few pictures of shoes with varying embelishments on them. I was blown away. On April 13th 2010 TGL was born.

23861_384176807796_3403385_n 23861_384177082796_4312709_n

‘The Button Heels’ were the very first shoes I embellished with this great of detail. They were covered in a sea of gold buttons with two black bows over the peep toe. The original shoe had mesh on the sides and laces at the toe. I found them for about $20. The thrill was finding cheapies and putting my spin on them! The gold buttons were an inspiration for the business name.

Here’s another post from the ‘remix’ album:

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 3.30.29 PM

Getting some love from Jennifer Le, who is now the designer of IAmJenniferLe shoes, was such a confidence booster at the time.

During this time I was an avid thrifter! I mean, AVID! Many of the thrifted items I list in outfit posts now were purchased during this time. I met an entrepreneur by the name of Maya who had an amazing collection of carefully curated thrift and vintage items and I truly couldn’t get enough! I became one of her regular customers and we established a connection. She used to have pop up shops at a local market in Bermuda, and invited me to showcase my designs at her next shop. This was amazing! I gained even more clients and more of a buzz.

Mirror shot: Preparing for the showcase.197953_10150117805082797_2377204_n

Here’s some shots of customized TGL. In hindsight, I wish I would’ve captured every order.190057_10150117802347797_3057036_n 34809_463827762796_3618055_n 10171647_10152041920547797_1766084896566499244_n

Below: Before:Left, After:Right

154266_460851157796_7785765_n 196329_10150117800782797_7970817_n

denim courts Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 10.50.10 AMIMG_0212 - Copy

Below: My first bridal revamp. She wanted Tiffany’s Blue, and that’s what she got! This was a milestone for me.



Above Image: Alex Masters

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 5.09.44 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 5.06.39 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 5.10.58 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 5.10.39 PM

I was very unconventional with the revamps! I used any and everything!

After the business gained more regular clients and I had completed countless shoe revamping projects-from proms to weddings, birthdays and everything in between; I was ready to broaden my horizons but I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to do so.

I tried my hand at jewellery in 2010, but never perfected the craft. Below is the first ring I ever made. [2010]


I was very inspired by the unique jewellery that Maya carried in her pop up shops and after some encouragement from her I decided to create some pieces for myself. Being that I had experimented in the past this was a breeze. In no time I was selling and creating for others. I eventually had my products carried by two local vendors. Toxic rose boutique and Fatimaya Inc.

Camilla by TGL was birthed in 2011. The Bright Bohemian S/S 11 was my first collection.

Here are some proofs from Bright Bohemian S/S ’11 shoot:

149296_309801402434037_92214257_n 283447_143766409037538_2974681_n 562467_309802592433918_667721492_n TheGoldlabel-8198 577086_309800575767453_2017195953_n TheGoldlabel-8221 384605_213426398738205_1638738527_n shay1

This collection did extremely well!

From here a series of one offs were created as well as custom work. These pieces were carried by local stores. Here’s a few shots:390490_213427595404752_1276256216_n 527881_301687189912125_517983542_n 548328_301686873245490_593599429_n539943_301687556578755_1521809680_n


Next was the ‘Regal Goodness’ Collection which was released later that year. It was inspired by Indian culture.

It all started with this one piece I created for myself:IMG_2666

‘Regal Goodness’ F/W 11 by Mike Jones of FireTog

550934_309819235765587_1876041842_n 537590_309820382432139_927086736_n 403405_309819789098865_1680292608_n 292646_309819499098894_1394488310_n


With the release of two local collections, many international inquires arose via my tumblr. As well as from people I had connected with in Toronto. Many asking if they could purchase online.

After many stressful hiccups and set backs was released, as well as a new collection. (not currently in operation)

403498_320143081399869_2137037316_n IMG_4351 IMG_2225 IMG_4350 294903_317426411671536_510144768_n IMG_5307 310610_187829191297926_1823317468_n

The Colore’ collection S/S ’12 was a tribute to my unconventional beginnings. This collection was well received, but it didn’t do as well as I hoped it would. You know how it goes, a lot of hype- ooo’s and ahh’s but when it came to sales it just wasn’t poppin’…feel me?

I wanted to revamp the feel of things; in a sense I wanted to shift gears.

I created a limited edition collection that had great attention to detail.

Dirty Hippie F/W ’12






This collection was filled with body armour! Full torso pieces adorned with hand sewn flowers as well as fun anklets. Due to it’s detail it was the most expensive collection TGL ever had. The Dirty Hippie collection was not featured online but I did sell it at various pop up shops and markets in Bermuda. I sold mostly all of it.

By this point the site needed an upgrade, big time! I needed new product! Something more sophisticated and mature. I invested in higher end materials and launched individual pieces that reflected my personal style and growth at that time


New Items ’12/13 :

IMG_3200 IMG_2357 IMG_3201 IMG_3202


IMG_4259 1619293_10151969253277797_462174345_n 1623622_10151969254467797_1086911878_n

Included in this series was the first unisex piece I had ever created.

The fishbone bracelet was a great success being the best selling item ever from TGL.



It came in three styles, solid gunmetal being the first released. What was so special about it was the magnetic closure. It was the most simplistic yet advanced piece I had pushed myself to create. People loved it!

A few Instagram pictures below:

75503_10151320699522797_1362900319_n IMG_4460 526371_10151303809007797_1297799341_n IMG_4465

In the span of 2/3 years I was very busy, curating and creating. I loved every second of it! The Gold Label, taught me so much about creating as well as being business minded. I was newly 20 years old when this all started and this endeavour helped me to grow, tremendously. Growth in experience is a VERY beautiful thing.

It allowed me to speak with young girls about owning a business and expressing yourself creatively. I was invited to speak at Girl’s Talk two years in a row.





It also open the door for me to host a 2 day “Fashion For Success” segment at the Bermuda College Career Fair Hosted by Gibbons Company and Fatimaya Inc.



After a 2 year hiatus, there’s a new spin on things. I now have bigger dreams with new goals that I hope will manifest soon through what is now Gold, The Label. Rebranded and full of inspiration. With God’s blessing, I pray I can share it with you very soon!

I hope you’ll join in on the journey!

Perri xx


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