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To everything there is a season

The day our Mom found out that she was carrying twins, her promise to God was, “Lord if you give me twin girls I promise to bring them up in your house.” So said so done! In church, two weeks later in pumpkin seats, there we sat on either side of her. Today, our hearts are in constant pursuit of Him.

Sorry to disappoint you, but…. He is all ours! ;P

Lets track back shall we?

We both went through a season of questioning, complacency, doubt, failure, disappointments, hardship, losing friends, cutting off relationships while fighting senseless battles. Praying for certain doors to open, while all along, it wasn’t intended from the start. It was in that time God got our attention. He called us into an incubator/hibernation season. We desired to stay hidden while allowing prayer and faith to be our driving force. He began to unlock, shed light and strip away what was necessary. In that season of ‘lock away’ God instructed the two of us to create our very own ‘vision board’ that included the promises that He had spoken over our lives, whether it be prophetic word, visions, dreams or just desires placed within us. This allowed us to visually see His vision and also see His promises manifest but in His timing. We encourage you to create your very own vision board.



            God is so orderly that He divided the year into four quarters: Winter, spring, Summer and Fall. God promised us seasons to indicate the order of nature. Seasons dictate how we dress, eat, activities we engage in, affects our moods and attitudes; almost every aspect of our lives. There are natural seasons and spiritual seasons. God has given us spiritual seasons to brings us out of a place of complacency into His purpose and destiny for our lives, for a divine purpose.

You will notice changes in every element of your life including marriage, ministry, careers, children, friends, finances, and everything that involves you.


The wait

            Now we’re pretty sure that you have heard, can relate to or are familiar with the waiting process. Does it feel good? No. Is the waiting process fun? No, but it shouldn’t derail you from what God has originally spoken for your life.

In that season, we had to ask ourselves, “does God speak and not act? Does He promise and not fulfill?” Wait in His timing and trust His promptings. We get mad and blame God when things haven’t manifested in our timing. If we claim to serve the author of time shouldn’t it be in His timing?


The Amen Collection

It is our desire to see people believing that God’s promises will manifest, but in His timing.

(2 Corinthians 1:20 NIV) 

For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “yes” in Christ. And so through Him the “Amen” is spoken by us to the glory of God

As a result of our stretching and stepping out on faith last year, God allowed us to birth our very own ministry. The Amen Collection.

We decided to apply God’s word ‘Amen, it is so’ onto apparel which serves as an aid to give back. Part proceeds from every item sold is donated to charities and those in need. The testimonies have been such a blessing to us and a very humbling experience to say the least.

We challenge you to step out on faith and to use the tools that God has already equipped you with. As humans often times we develop fear and doubt, and question, “will they like it?” “Will they accept it?” etc. All while living in a world where people are so critical, negative and forming their own opinions. Being obedient to God’s instructions is key and will make all the difference. If He spoke it, it will succeed and prosper.


We leave you with these few questions.

  • Are you willing to wait in His timing?
  • What season are you in?
  • Are you holding on to His promises?

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