I walked into the new year with expectancy. Honestly, in many situations you have to take charge of your destiny and faith it ’til you make it. It’s imperative to your growth! Two words have stood out to me since the year began, and that’s CONSISTENT and PERSISTENT. Don’t they mean the same thing? 


Back in 2008 I moved to Toronto to  further my education. Toronto is a melting pot of races and cultures as many have migrated here. Almost 70% of the people you encounter are a blend of two races resulting in a biracial individual. Some have more complex mixes with both parents being biracial. Due to the high level of multiracial people in such a small proximity, naturally, when meeting someone who doesn’t visually reflect a certain ethnicity it’s typical to ask, “Whats your background?”

DIY: Black Tie-Up Sandals

Hey Guys!

So here’s a super quick and easy DIY. As many of you may or may not know, revamping and transforming shoes is kind of my thing! 😛 My baby The Gold Label started as a shoe revamping business in 2010 and quickly expanded. I’m always creating or reconstructing something, so I figured why not share a few tricks and tips with you guys! With the summer months upon us why not spruce up what you have. I hope you enjoy!
Tag me @thegoldlabel on social media to show me any recreations! 🙂

You’ll need:

// Flip flops

// Scissors

// Scarf

Really easy right?! I’ll try and post a few diy tips every other month.

[ps. I shot and edited this video ALL by myself! Gah..small joys :D..s/o to Lara Smith for low key teaching me everything in years past! I can’t believe I remembered so much..]