Sweats on Sweats

Spring is pushing through!.. Well it’s trying at least

Too bad I’m living in my sweats until the semester ends. Finals are literally a snap away and I have no time to be sprucey!

However, if need be the right heel can up my bum-ish library steez to a chic effortless outfit instantly.

IMG_0175 IMG_0196 IMG_0177 DSCF3656


Confession: My name is Perri and I wear this striped sweat top like 7 times a month! You’ll probably remember it from here, or here. Also, here in the May 2016 Edition of Flare Magazine- street style section.

I can’t help it, okay?! lol

There’s absolutely nothing wring with repeating items. You did buy it to wear it right? I know when I was younger the thought of wearing clothes more than once never crossed my mind. Not only is that expensive but it’s silly! Who cares? The older I’ve gotten the less  I care about the opinions of others. Especially when they aren’t doing a THING for me! So, if you wish to repeat and then repeat again, GO FOR IT!

With this look, naturally I love the mixed stripes on the heels with the horizontal print on the top. The pop of colour wakes this look right up. Do you ever wear your heels with sweats? It’s very reminiscent of the 80’s.

Now, back to the books!

Sweat top:American Apparel, SweatPants:Topshop, Heels:Nine West, Backpack: Zara Mens (I haven’t worn a backpack since I was about 16!), Watch:Casio

[Shot by: Kyle Simmons]

Written by goldthelabel


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