Summer Sidekicks

Anyone who knows me, knows accessories have always been my thing! Whether it was an arm full of stacked bangles from my teen years or oversized sunnies. Which were and still are my favourite go to accessory! Let’s not forget the shoes! We all know about my love affair with shoes! I’ll leave them for a separate post though, today, let’s talk sunnies and small cross body bags!

In an effort to not carry my entire kitchen sink in my purse, I’ve pushed my self over the years to invest in smaller bags. I know I can’t be the only woman who likes to be prepared for just about any situation! This, however, results in an extremely heavy bag with items that can come in handy, but usually don’t get used and end up giving you a dent in your shoulder. Not. Cute. Plus, in the summer who needs something else weighing them down? It’s too hot for alla that. This is somewhat of a life lesson: the more room you have for “stuff” the more you’ll pack in there! As, Erykah Badu so succinctly put it: PACK LIGHT! No matter how cute it is, baggage is baggage…*sips tea*

Bringing it back on topic…

I have a pretty extensive collection, but somehow, every summer I still end up reaching for the same ones.

Bright colours, prints and textures always make  for fun outfit details. Another good thing about these, apart from their size, is that they can actually make your outfit. The right accessory can always breathe life into a dull or boring ensemble anchoring the whole look, or, even becoming the focal point.

1: Tee Territory Bermuda; 2: Handmade In Barcelona; 3: Zara; 4: Old Navy; 5: Thrifted; 6: Zara

I’ve yet to purchase a designer small cross body bag, but truthfully, I’m in no rush to do so. My student budget is in full effect (unfortunately lol).

I can’t say that is so with my eyewear. We all have a weakness right? Riiiiight?

Like the bags, sunnies have the ability to up your look!  No makeup? No problem. This fun accessory can also reflect your personality, whether you like to play it safe with a smaller more refined frame, or, if you like to take risks with your look and go for a large frame possibly in a captivating colour, shape or print. They’re meant to protect our eyes from the sun but why not block them rays in style.

For me it’s go big or go home! Plus, I think one should shop for eyewear keeping their face shape/head size in mind. There’s nothing worse than an apple face with teeny frames. Unless, of course that’s your thing. If so do you boo boooooo!

I have a round shaped face so larger frames work best for me. I do have some medium sized ones as well.


I pulled out some of my faves..which is most of them. There are very FEW of my sunnies that I don’t frequent. Plus, I couldn’t fit them all into the shot okay :). I have everything from Tom Ford to Dolce and Gabbana right down to $10 thrift store finds. One designer that I’m absolutely loving right now is Karen Walker! I own two pairs of her frames and they are absolutely perfect!

This summer let’s block that heat + pack light! Sound’s like a good equation to me!

What’s your favourite summer accessory?

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