Stripes and Thangs

I’m beginning to think I have this thing with stripes….IMG_8070


You ever wake up one day and realise you’re into something and have been for a while? Super unbeknown to you?

I feel like I’m in a transition period. Not changing who I am so to speak, but getting close to who I’ve always been and seemingly never knew.

Does that make sense? It took me noticing my not so secret love affair with stripes, to recognize that I’m learning more and more about ME; all of ME!

Thanks God, this timing is perfect.

Learning you =  Destiny and Purpose.

Two things I can’t seem to get off my mind…

So here’s to more stripes, directing me on a straight path to victory


Shirt:Polo (the little boys section :p I’ve had it at least 6 years now) Trouser:Mango, Mary Janes:Forever21 ( these too, I’ve had forever- I forgot all about them! Im re-obsessed with them)

Written by goldthelabel


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