“Come out from among them and be ye separate”

…this runs through my mind for just about everything- including clothes.

We’re living in a time where the masses continuously emulate what they see in the media instead of thinking for themselves. Everywhere you turn, someone is wearing an all nude coloured outfit or some other monochromatic ensemble all in the name of fitting in and being on trend. Why? You end up blending in when you were called for SO much more.
I know some trends are cool and if you take to them that’s great, but how can someone else dictate YOUR style and how YOU choose to represent yourself? Or better yet, how you choose to represent what YOU believe?

“They’re just clothes,” yes I know- but the way you present yourself is a reflection of what you think about yourself and will ultimately determine how others interact with you.  Be Y. O. U.

I like all black- anyone who knows me knows that- but I will be a colourful print girl over and over again. It’s me…

IMG_5461 IMG_5513 IMG_5451 IMG_5488

Exercise your freedom to be you, outside of what this world says “in”….

Shirt:H&M, Sweat Top:Thrifted, Skirt:Topshop, Boots:Steve Madden

Written by goldthelabel



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