Saturday Steez

I miss being a kid!

When the only real obligations on a Saturday morning were a big bowl of cereal and cartoons!!

IMG_4514 IMG_4490

I woke up this passed Saturday with a bit of nostalgia, so a Batman printed crewneck was the perfect fit. If you’ve seen any of my previous post, you know I’m a huge fan of print mixing! I think there’s nothing more reflective of your personal style than to pull garments together that have abstracting but complementary aspects to them.

IMG_4515 IMG_4525

Don’t let these saturation edited pictures fool you, IM PALE! Canada has stripped my island glow from me. With decreasing temperatures comes an increased workload. School has me running all over the place, looking FAR from chic I might add. As you can see, I don’t even have time to comb all of this hair. And to top it off my eye twitching has begun all over again [ :< ] lol a direct result of STRESS.

I couldn’t help but think back to a much simpler time in life…

Being that we can’t rewind time (how cool would it be if we could thoughhhh) here’s my grownup ode to childhood Saturday Morning realness!

[ sidenote: This skirt?! It’s from Trimmingham’s Bermuda (google search)- talk about YAS! I found it maybe 2 years ago. I just had to have it!! That’s like owning a piece of Bermuda history lol no?]

What were some of your favourite cartoons growing up?

As a 90’s baby, I loved Pepper-Ann and Recess on Saturday Mornings. I loved me some Spinelli and her mean self lol! I think I may need a recess crewneck!

Batman Crewneck:Asos (duh), Wool Plaid Skirt: Vintage Trimmingham’s, Boots:Nine West

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