March 21st

…That’s my birthday! I’m now a whole 26 years old 😐 *covers eyes*
Each year I grow more grateful for the life that I’ve been blessed with and I’m learning to be thankful for all the high and low points of the journey. There really is a blessing in every lesson!

This year I celebrated by going to dinner with friends and then to a lounge after. To be transparent, a large part of me knew that going probably wasn’t the best idea, but due to the “birthday celebration” mindset, I justified my actions.

Things got a bit turnt …
subconsciously I knew they would…

In hindsight I can say that I had a great time. But, it felt all too familiar. This nature of celebrating is how the old me would get down. It’s purely a gratification of your flesh and it neglects any spiritual edification. I didn’t heavily drink and I remember the whole night but it was the atmosphere and all that comes with it, that can be very detrimental and can knock you off course in an instant. Now, this might be a bit deep for those who may not be a pursing a relationship with God, but hear me out. It might resonate more than you think.

So, of course the lounge had a Dj and a bar. To clarify : within my conviction I don’t believe that there is anything wrong with having a glass of wine or two, but to maintain a sober mind and to avoid drunkenness. I did say MY conviction- that’s personal and it differs from person to person and it can also change! That’s another post for another day though. However, I should’ve known from the moment I decided to go that things wouldn’t line up spiritually and that anything to come after that moment wouldn’t be of God. Let’s think about it, it’s a secular place with secular music. A place that I would never usually go, and,  to be honest I think it was a surprise to those with me that I even went….

Ok, what’s the big deal? It was your birthday, you can’t have fun?

Yes, I know it was; and YES you can have fun. But, the reality of cycles is REAL. When you grow and move spiritually from a place, certain behaviour is just no longer acceptable or even expected of you. In the growing process you will stumble and slip- but after you learn to walk, crawling becomes foreign nature to you. Catch my drift?

I think this notion of growth and cycles can be applied to anything we may face in life. Friendships, relationships, spirituality-and the list goes on. Identifying growth and sticking to it is how we advance in life. Faltering can and will occur but I think the presence of growth is evident in how you choose to handle the situations you’re presented with. Or better yet, the situations we willingly get ourselves into. Also, how you choose to deal with YOURself after you slip is also a reflection of growth. As earlier mentioned cycles are REAL and they can trap you, REPEATEDLY. Pay attention to what reoccurs in your life. This can be anything from habits, people and situations. In the event that you “relapse” in whichever area you struggle with,  I believe the key is NOT to dwell  nor to inflict any form of self condemnation. Take the necessary steps needed not to falter in that manner again. This may mean cutting a few people out of the equation and you know what? That’s OKAY. ( I’ll go into depth in another post)

I take my witness seriously. I believe that we ALL have purpose and many are unaware of how amazing the mandate on their life is. I believe it’s apart of MY purpose to shed light, not shade, on this amongst my peers and other young adults. Your purpose is in effect 24/7- 365, therefore it’s not on pause for a birthday celebration.

To move off course can sometimes take months, even years, to realign. For me, that’s not okay.

This sort of situation is not a struggle for me but it was more a poor decision. I do, however, see a lesson in it.

So, my encouragement to you- through my brief testimony and stream of consciousness, would be to STAY on course, in all things. We have an adversary who will try any and everything to stop us from fulfilling our purpose. Even masking the deception into clean fun. Be vigilant in all things and pay attention to your spiritual ear- its imperative to growth! Cycles are dangerous so beware of them and all the sneaky tactics they come with. Don’t EVER be weary in well doing. Your purpose and destiny depend on it.



Romans 14:14 –

 I know and am convinced by the Lord Jesus that there is nothing unclean of itself; but to him who considers anything to be unclean, to him it is unclean.

Learn what’s edifying to you and stick to it!

Love you,



IMG_8297 IMG_6534 IMG_6532 IMG_6533

I celebrated early on the Saturday before my birthday. Dinner at Michael’s on Simcoe and then on to Stori. The food at Michael’s was so amazing! It melted in my mouth, literally! It’s pricey but it’s definitely worth it.

Dress:For Love and Lemons- Carmine dress, Belt:Thrifted-69 Vintage Toronto, Heels:Zara ( Added ribbon to my old faithfuls), Clutch:Guilty Pleasures Bermuda, Necklaces: H&M and The Store on Queen (TSOQ)

IMG_8341 IMG_8378 IMG_6521 IMG_8398 IMG_8379

I made sure to make it church on Sunday for a much needed soul cleanse. As well as to give thanks for my life being spared one more year. You can do this at home, but there’s nothing like the experience and atmosphere of corporate worship.

On my actual birthday, I was treated to dinner at the CN tower. The view was so beautiful and the food was delish! Thanks Cass! 🙂

Dress:Thrifted- Flashback 2 Kensignton Market Toronto, Heels:Steve Madden, Coat:Topshop, Bag:Zara

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