I haven’t been posting as regularly as before and I’ve gotten some flack for it! My apologies!!!

Life has a way of hitting you all at once and you’re forced to pick up the pieces and carry on. So, I was doing just that. Last month, I was in an accident and prior to that I was dealing with another health issue, which has now turned into something else…

That. I’m. Still. DEALING. with.

But, I’m not frustrated at all…. *lies, lies and more lies*

It’s been an up hill battle to say the very least but I’m a firm believer that everything we endure, pleasant or not, is for a very specific and unique reason. Sometimes, that reason is revealed years down the road, or, never at all. However,I do believe that it’s in these moments of testing and refinement we’re molded into who our future needs us to be.

The elders in our lives are looked to as a well of wisdom because they seemingly have a story or an answer for everything.  They’ve arrived in this knowledgeable space because of their experiences and who they allowed themselves to become as a result of them.

One thing has become so clear to me: We overcome by our testimony. However, there must be a test first. We have to be tried to overcome. It’s our duty in these times not to be so bogged down and overly burdened that we lose ourselves. Life’s trials can emotionally change us for the worst if we let them. Things can be so unbearable that we lose hope for the future and more importantly our purpose.

The beauty in all of this is we have a choice. No matter how bleak, how dark, how frustrating and hurtful these times may be- WE HAVE A CHOICE.  Will you choose to crumble in the presence of your tribulations? Will you become a slave to negative emotions in adverse situations?


Will you fight? Will you fight for your happiness and peace of mind? Your destiny is everything and your future self needs you to pull through to the other side, victoriously. Your experiences are nothing but stepping stones to your purpose, remember that.

In the words of Beyonce:

“I’ma keep running. Cause a winner don’t quit on themselves”

It’s time to win.

 “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.
-Romans 12:12


Tell your problems, Gimme ya best shot.

Jacket:Thrift, Crop:Bershka, Trousers:Kenneth Cole, Bag:Mama Loves You Vintage- Toronto, Belt:69 Vintage

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