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If you’re new here then you may or may not know that I’m a Christian. A fly one at that (a stretch? lol okay okay). But I’m very open and unapologetic about my faith because God has been too good to me and loves me WAY too much not to be.


In this day and age it’s such a rarity to be young and “living right” but having experienced the other side of life, this decision is more than worth it! I just want to encourage anyone reading to know, you can still be YOU! I still love to look good and I appreciate nice things just as much as the next person (maybe a little bit more actually). The goal is to always love on God by acknowledging and seeking Him in all that you do. Don’t be afraid to brag on Him! He did it for us first, right?

One thing to always remember about God is He LOVES us! He continuously opens doors for us! Big or small. Don’t you love it? Recently, He’s allowed me to gain so much insight into my preferred field of work and is slowly revealing to me what I need to do and how I need do it. I can honestly say I now understand deferred gratification, completely lol. At 25, having “started over” and messed up a million times so it seems, I now see the value in all of that. For one, I know what not to do and I’ve learned so many priceless life lessons. But also my heart has grown to understand completely you’re not blessed just to keep it to yourself. All that you endure is to aid/bless another individual through similar life hurdles. I feel so filled and content right now! Hopefully this lasts lol, ’cause lets be REAL those down days can be VERY low! I can’t wait to fully walk in all that has been prepared for me!

How has God been good to you lately?

I wanna know so I can praise Him and celebrate with you too!

Jacket:AdidasXAsos Jeans:Forever21, Booties:H&m, Hat:H&M, Necklace: Oak + Fort

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