Just one of those days…

It’s official, I’m READY for Christmas break….


After the stress of group work  (I mean real life stress, wanting to box someone flat out stress)and countless quizzes, tests and assignments- it’s safe to say I need a break!

This new journey so far has proven to be an amazing one! Getting second chances are definitely a gift and I’m beyond grateful to have this opportunity. Especially with these grades! God is coming through, for real for real!



I don’t want to wake up at 5:45 am to weather brisk morning air, nor do I want to lose more sleep completing work, or stressing if my group members will deliver their portion.


At 25, I can honestly say this endeavour is character building and more than humbling. I miss my family more and more as the days go by. However, I know in the end I’ll be better equipped to provide for them as well as the kingdom. The motivation is that I’ll be working for myself one day, living out my dreams. Until then I must push through.


Here’s a bit of transparency mixed with encouragement.

Whoever thinks they can’t start over, or couldn’t possibly get a second chance- today is that day. DO IT. It’s so worth it. With everything that comes with it, it’s worth it!

Coat:Topshop, Shirt:TopMan, Crewneck:American Apparel, Jeans:Forever21, Booties:Clarke’s

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