Island Gal

Last week I rushed home to be with family in a trying time…


Truthfully, any reason to go home is a good reason to go home…

Warm air, sea breeze.. the dreadful humidity.. EVERYTHING! I missed it!

I don’t know if it’s because it’s home, or because it really is that magical but whenever I’m there I feel rejuvenated. The surrounding colours pop more and I fall in love with it more and more every time I’m there. To say I leave inspired is a severe understatement!

Bermuda the beautiful, I love you.

IMG_7898 IMG_7956 IMG_7914 IMG_7959 IMG_7900

Ninja Turtles, stripes & Mary Janes…because, honestly, life is too short not to.
I clearly needed the extra colour to compensate for my missing melanin…

As I mentioned in my previous post life reveals what’s important and what’s not. With that constant reminder I’m moved to take the risks, step out from the crowd and not to miss the opportunities! This mindset translates over into my wardrobe..I definitely wear what I please as a clear reflection of who I am: Fearless!

Tee:Forever 21, Dress:Old Navy, Socks:Forever21, Mary Janes:Forever 21 (I completely forgot I had them..they’re 4 years old- I think), Sunnies:Dolce & Gabbana

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  1. Unfortunate circumstances daughter, but it was really great having you home, Love you much, you are truly an inspiration to me. Any mother would love to have a daughter like you!

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