How to style Avant-Garde

Not knowing how to style vintage items is usually the one thing that stops people from purchasing an interesting piece. “What would I wear with this,” or ” How do I wear this?” probably instantly comes to mind. Items that I personally classify as avant-garde are loud and over the top garments.

This term avant-garde is defined as new and unusual or experimental ideas (or clothing), especially in the arts, or the people introducing them. For me, the best way to get the most wear out of these amazing pieces is to pair them with everyday clothing. The juxtaposition makes for a very unexpected and fun look.


This off white puffer jacket is very reminiscent of bridal attire in the 80’s. This piece more than likely helped some bride shine on her big day. What caught my attention first, apart from the puffed shoulder size, was the delicate lace detailing. Also, with my shape, anything that can accentuate my waist is a must have! This little crop jacket is perfect for that because it hits me in just the right place. *Tip*  When shopping in general, do remember to shop for what best suits your body. It helps to know what’s flattering on you and what’s not.

IMG_8906 IMG_8901 2

As mentioned, I like to wear more casual items with over the top pieces to create balance. Here I paired the jacket with a Rolling Stones tee and a black fedora. I love black and white looks with a pop of colour.IMG_8901

IMG_8439 IMG_8471

This jacket style is giving me Victorian era realness, and I LOVE it! With some chunky earrings and a red lip, I’m set. You might be wondering why I chose to further accessorize an already detailed look. Truthfully, in my opinion, it just works! I wore classic black jeans to anchor it all.

Just as spring hits, and we can finally ditch the overcoats, why not experiment with some fun accent pieces? This play on eras is always a fun way to express yourself.

Jacket: Thrift- Courage Kensington Market ($20), Tee:H&M, Fedora:H&M, Earrings:Thrifted, Perfume: Prada Candy L’Eau

Written by goldthelabel



  1. I love this pairing! Very creative. The comment about why people do not thrift/ buy vintage is spot on. They are similar comments I get all the when I tell people my closet is mostly thrifted.

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