Happy New Year!

Happpppy Newwww Yearrrr!

Can you believe it?! 2016 is here!

Firstly, I’ve been absent- I’m SORRY!
I had to take a break from GTL for finals and a family tragedy. I also travelled home for the holidays, so I’ve really been just enjoying the company of family and friends; as well as soaking up the beautiful place I called home. It gets prettier every time I leave the house!

Breaktime over!

I’m back to business feeling more than inspired. Last year, I took a trip to Toronto for NYE completely unaware of what 2015 had in store for me. It was the best year start I think I’ve ever had! I spent some insightful time with God, and wrote down what I expected to experience in the year. I also began journalling, which I’ll admit, I didn’t keep up.

In 2015 I :

-Started a blog (or shall I say I made it public- been at this for a while on the low)
-Moved countries
-Fell in love
-Returned to school after a 5 year break
-Reached a quarter century (by God’s amazing Grace alone)
-Have been featured in 2 Royal Gazette articles
-I was invited to share and speak at York University
-I won a Virtuous Woman Award for community work with Bermuda’s young adults: The Esther Award.

In the midst of all that I can openly and honestly say it was ALL God! Keeping Him first and trying to stay aligned with His will for your life will ALWAYS be rewarding and continuously beautiful.

This past year I’ve learned SO much about life as well as myself. I’m thankful for this journey, and I pray I can be of great influence with all that has been bestowed upon me. This generation needs guidance and hopefully I can be a tiny piece of the puzzle.

I personally believe that how you start your year has a lot to do with how it will actually transpire. I’m excited to see what 2016 has in store! I plan on creating my list of expectancies and anticipating their beautiful reveal.

Buckle in for more faith based posts, more DIYs, more style and more style! :p

Enjoy your fresh start! Many didn’t make it to 2016!

Many Many Many Blessings!

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