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I recently heard these words and it has further broadened the way in which I view the topic of singleness:

” A lot of us are too good for what we’re pursing. Everyone wants somebody they can have fun with [but] listen, God is not going to give you somebody that you can have fun with, He’s going to give you somebody that you can do His work with. He’s not trying to give you a playmate, He wants to give you a helpmate. So, what are you we going to do? Are we going to work, or are we going to play? That’s not to say that you’re not going to have fun with your mate, ladies and gentlemen, that’s to say that their sole purpose is to help you fulfil your God-given purpose and vice versa. So, take away the fun for just a moment, for just an hour, for just a day, for just a week, just a month or just season- is this person still in love with you? And vice versa? Are they still willing to do the work with you? And vice versa? Or, was everybody in it for the fun? Nine times out of ten people are not genuinely interested in you outside of pleasure; outside of fun, and that’s why a lot of good people are still single, because God is not opening the door for us to get our hearts broken.” – Jermaine Green


So many of us have reached a place where we long for another individual to share our lives with. The truth of the matter is, many of us still have not figured out exactly what it is we’re meant to be doing. This idea that we were created solely for another person is the culprit of growth and it needs to be uprooted. You are not half of a person, in search of your better half- you are WHOLE on your own.

This notion of purpose that everyone seems to be raving about is not just a coined phrase that will die out in a few months. It is in fact your life. What’s the meaning of YOUR life; why are YOU here? Once we can start to define this, then can we insert another person into the equation. I know that this purposed-filled play of events hasn’t been the case for many, and some have met their partner and then later aligned in with their purpose. ¬†But, if you’re still single, know that it’s for a reason. In your singleness be on the hunt to discover you, and what you’re meant to be doing. Discover your work and then cultivate that work, hone the skills needed for that work, be the BEST at that work. See, once you’re in this realm it becomes easy for someone to come along and help you. Plus, I’d like to think our God is so sovereign that He’ll send along someone who has the right amounts of whatever it is you’re missing, so that you’ll tightly fit together.

Be encouraged in fact that there are others in this very same boat. The mere fact that you are still single is ¬†proof that you’re being preserved. Kind of like fine china, that is saved and polished only for special guests.

Don’t be afraid to stand alone, your time will come!


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