Everywhere but the Gym

You know how this goes…

As spring comes to a close and summer approaches, everyone and they mama sprint for the gym! There are several divorces filed against carbs and many decide to embark on a somewhat of a monogamous relationship with H20.

It’s all fantastic, because, health is wealth- right? Riiiiiight

The truth is many, MANY, of us (yes, myself included from summer to summer) don’t last too long at this.

But, We can still put those gym items to use! Even if we’re headed everywhere but the gym…
I introduce to you: Athleisure

No, I did not make that up, its a real thing- promise.

IMG_7978 IMG_0865 IMG_0862_2

With all this heat, why not put those colourful sports bras in heavy rotation? Although this is currently trending, I’ve been into this for years. A colourful item, with cool strap details that gives me ample support? Um, yes please!

IMG_0861 IMG_1430 IMG_0863

While we’re at it with the sports bras, shall we add those super slimming exercise leggings to the mix? Due to their stretchy nature they can be pulled up and scrunch at the knee or in the calf region to create a fun summer capri. Capri? Yes I said it, capri! They’re summer essentials okay? These would also be really fun with an off the shoulder blouse.

IMG_7983 IMG_7984

Those light weight jackets? We can put those to use as well! The key here is balance. Adding in seemingly contrasting items makes the look that much interesting. With this piece you can add some sporty fun to your look on those cooler summer evenings.

Inspired by Manrepeller

Glad everyone is now tuned into this “trend” so much so they’ve named it…

Are you into it?

  1. // Sports Bra:Lululemon, Skirt:69 Vintage- Toronto, Shoes:Forever21, Sunnies:Karen Walker
  2. //Netted Top:TSOQ-Toronto, Sports Bra:Garage, Leggings:New York & Company, Shoes:Kendall & Kylie, Hat:Nike, Sunnies:Thrift
  3. Jacket:Adidas, Shirt Dress:Oak & Fort, Shoes:River Island, Sunnies:Thrift


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