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I’m finally back with another DIY! ( I PROMISE I’ll be more consistent with the DIY’s!!!)

These pompom keychain/clips are EVERYWHERE! I had to make one!

For this DIY you’ll need:
(I provided some links, in the event that you can’t find what you need at your local craft store. Just so you know these stores are not where I purchased my goodies.)
This project cost me less than $30


-3” Styrofoam Ball:

-Krazy Glue:
Keychain Rings:

-Keychain Clips(Lobster Clasp):

-A hat of your choice (optional)


-A knife

-Chain (optional)

-Jump Ring

I LOVE the feeling after I create an accessory..(big or small) hopefully you will too! There’s no need to aim for perfection, just have FUN! Plus, this DIY is super affordable so if you mess up- start all over again! Practice always makes “perfect.”

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Dress:Tyla Blade, Shoes:Forever 21, Leather Cap:ASOS

Bless ya!


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