DIY: Black Tie-Up Sandals

Hey Guys!

So here’s a super quick and easy DIY. As many of you may or may not know, revamping and transforming shoes is kind of my thing! 😛 My baby The Gold Label started as a shoe revamping business in 2010 and quickly expanded. I’m always creating or reconstructing something, so I figured why not share a few tricks and tips with you guys! With the summer months upon us why not spruce up what you have. I hope you enjoy!
Tag me @thegoldlabel on social media to show me any recreations! 🙂

You’ll need:

// Flip flops

// Scissors

// Scarf

Really easy right?! I’ll try and post a few diy tips every other month.

[ps. I shot and edited this video ALL by myself! Gah..small joys :D..s/o to Lara Smith for low key teaching me everything in years past! I can’t believe I remembered so much..]


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