I scored last night by being blessed with such an amazing opportunity.

Myself, along with 3 other panelist, were invited to York University to share our fashion journeys.


Naturally my first reaction was, Me?!
Are you sure? I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how they even found me.

I feel as though I’m truly just chillin’ in the cut….

Then it hit me: The beautiful thing about sharing your talents and gifts with the world is the ability to inspire and move other people. People will find you! Don’t think it strange when there’s an interest in the craft you’ve worked so tirelessly at.

A man’s gifts makes room for him, and brings him before great men” Proverbs 18:16


Image source: Hercollective’s Instagram

To me, this is EXACTLY what it’s all about! Paying it forward is priceless. It’s humbling and mutually exciting. I feel as though, it’s all fine and well to dress well and present your work in various capacities, but, when given to opportunity to speak- will you have something powerful to say? Will you deem it worthy to pour into someone else? In my opinion, gestures as such will speak louder of you than your work ever will.

I’m honoured to have been considered! These blessing just keeeep pouring in, okay?! I pray that my journey can continuously be used to inspire others and I’ll just keep creating and sprinkling my faith as I move along…


York University- Cssa, Thank you! It was a pleasure.

The other panelist were  Angelic VendetteTalya Macedo and Jessica D’Angelo.  Check them out!



Above images are from the York U CSSA Facebook Page.

Sweater and Shirt-Dress:Oak + Fort, Thigh High:Steve Madden, Neckpiece:J.crew


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