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Since I was young, every school report card stated that I had a lot of bright ideas and could perform even better, if I could just. stop. talking!

Little did they know, I was just getting started! Fast forward to now, I’ve gotten a better handle on performing well, you know like wine- better with time; I’ve also been given so many amazing opportunities to flap my gums! Through my personal style and jobs I’ve been afforded the amazing opportunity to execute and work along side, I’ve gotten to speak in front of audiences both young and old. With topics ranging from personal style, operating a business in my early 20s as well as style based hosting gigs. I’ve gotten to connect with people over style and business by way of chopping my chops! If you’ve followed the blog for quite some time, you would’ve seen some of these chit chats here, here & here.

The latest platform is! I’m sharing some style tips over on their Career Page for the chic professional! There’s more to come but in the meantime have a read here!

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