My Girlfriends

Perri |


I’ve mentioned the importance of friendship in previous posts and I honestly can’t stress how vital loving, supportive and healthy connections are! I thank God for my friends and I’m praying you can too!

Finding Beauty in Pain

Shara Trott |


“You don’t need all that make-up! Why don’t you try wearing a little less?”
“You’re so pretty! Stop wearing so much make-up, you’ll hide it.”
“You should only wear that much make-up when you go out! Not every day!”

Clap For Yourself

Perri |

Because, honestly, if it if doesn’t start with you- it might not start at all.

I’ve had to learn the difference between rejection and redirection- over and OVER. To be honest, it’s a very difficult concept to digest. This is mainly because humans thrive off of applause. Validation is one of those things we quickly take solace in because it reassures us that, seemingly, we’re on the right path. Why is this sense of security so dependant on other people though?