How to style Avant-Garde

Not knowing how to style vintage items is usually the one thing that stops people from purchasing an interesting piece. “What would I wear with this,” or ” How do I wear this?” probably instantly comes to mind. Items that I personally classify as avant-garde are loud and over the top garments.

The way Life Goes…

Life has a timely way of reminding us what’s important and what’s not.

I do believe all things happen for a reason but sometimes tracing that reason proves to be a hard feat.
Not to be cynical or morbid but we never know when it’ll be our time to leave this earth and I think our heart’s mandate should be to die empty. As Myles Munroe has put it so succinctly we must leave this life having achieved all that we were created to do.


Too many times we may feel as if we’re undeserving of opportunities we may be blessed with. Feelings of inadequacy can set in as well as the feeling of unpreparedness. These feelings reflect humility and that’s always needed, but we have to view ourselves where we’d ultimately like to see ourselves. For instances if you have dreams of being a CEO someday, then you must view yourself as a CEO in training.

Sun’s out, palms out

As cold as it is, I’ve been determined to complain less about it. Especially ’cause it could be a lot worse (even though I really am over it). How’s that for a life lesson? I don’t know about you, but I’m complainy, and in hindsight most times it’s completely unnecessary. The first step is to admit, right?!

I Missed the Memo

Living in this easy access, overly sensual culture- I’m moved to think that I’m the only who feels like this. We live in a society where being the “bad girl” is often glorified and being scantily clad ALL the time, is labelled as “sexy” and appealing. Too many times have I seen advocates of the beauty of woman’s mind half dressed in their protest.

Parks & Picnics

It’s August! The summer is slowly but surely slipping away. Why not not make the most of what’s left, by doing small yet memorable things. Nothing beats a picnic!


Find a tucked off little spot and set up camp.

IMG_3590 IMG_3593   

We chose a park but initially we attempted at a beach.

IMG_3607 2 IMG_3619 IMG_3622 IMG_3598

Our basket was packed with fruit, sorbet, crackers, cheese & wine. We made sure to bring a blanket, lanterns/tea lights, and music ( which we never used, lol, but it good to be prepared, right?)

Happy Picnic’n 🙂

Top:Thrift, Skirt:From My angel’s closet (My Granny), Shoes:DIY, Sunnies:Tory Burch