Branding 101

You. Are. A. Brand.

Aren’t you sicka hearing that?

Now, I know the term “personal branding” has definitely run it’s course but there’s so much power in how you choose to present yourself.

In previous posts, I’ve given my opinion on attire selections and how they can dictate how  people might choose to communicate with you, purely based on what they physically see before them. You know, the whole “dress how you wish to be addressed” spiel.

Today I want to specifically talk about social branding and how imperative it is.

Social media can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether it’s social selling, content marketing or customer support, social media gives you the perfect opportunity to reach your target audience and build your brand”
-10 Social Media Branding Strategies

Even if you’re not looking to sell any thing per say, you’re still reaching a certain audience. What do you want to say to these individuals through your posts? I believe far too often people sell themselves short by what they choose to post. On the contrary, more often than not, people are not who they post to be either *sips tea*. I’ll get to that.

With the popularity and superiority of social media in our culture, it’s no secret that employers will find you. They be lookin’, don’t ever doubt that. This isn’t to suggest that you filter your posts so much that it’s not a true representation of your life, but more so to say, think about what/why/how you’re choosing to post.

Note: You can build a brand or you can build fame. Sometimes, both. Make sure you have a clear motive with your posts.

Speaking personally, I’ve booked jobs and made some great business connections through social media.

Here’s 4 tips to better brand yourself online. 

  1. Be honest!

Save the perpetrating and wannabe stuntin’. There’s nothing worse than an over embellisher. You know the ones that overly finesse their posts and then you meet them in person and there’s a lot less to be desired. Don’t be that person, ever. However, if frequent vacationing and luxury items are a part of your reality- that’s a part of your brand! Don’t be shy to own YOU in all of your youness. The interests and hobbies you have are all a part of your unique brand and they help you to authentically stand out from others. While simultaneously connecting you to like-minded individuals. Also, don’t ever feel like you’re bragging about your accomplishments or the great opportunities you’ve been blessed with. Sharing your experiences might be all the motivation another individual needs to get up and make it happen for them!

2.  Hashtags

USE THEM!! As mentioned earlier, even if your goal is not to sell yourself, it’s still good to utilize hashtags if your accounts are open to the public. This too will connect you to individuals with similar interests. However, if your goal is to operate your accounts as more of a business to get your product out there and reach a larger audience, this gives potential clients and/or employers the opportunity to see what you’re all about. Interestingly enough people are curious about people! They’ll stick around to see what you’re about if the content is consistently good! Which brings me to my next point…

3.  Be Consistent

This point is specifically for those looking to gain a following of any sort. You must engage and captivate your followers’ attention. Think about it this way, if you watched a great show two weeks in a row and then it disappeared for a month, chances are you might lose interest in that show. Especially if something else has filled it’s space in your mind. Work out a posting schedule-you don’t have to tightly adhere to it, but it becomes more of a guide. This not only drives you to create content but it also gives you a bit of accountability. Also, don’t concern yourself too much if your numbers don’t rapidly increase over night, the right authentic followers will find you (with the use of hashtags) and they will stick around. The key is to give them a reason to.

4.  Great Content

This is applicable to any social media user. I’ll say it once : Have Good Image Quality! With the advancements in cellphone camera quality, you have no excuse for grainy distorted images! None. You don’t have to be a pro photographer but it says a lot about your character by what you post and how it looks. Be creative with what you share, the theme throughout this whole post is to push you to share YOU with the world. Why be a carbon copy of other people with your content?

Remember, your accounts are a representation of you, your character and what you can offer- in any capacity. These accounts hold the weight of your reputation to a certain extent and they can definitely help with making and managing great relationships and connections. You can view your account as somewhat of a digital, public portfolio or resume. In the real world, you’ll always need great connections and good references to be successful. Why not keep that in mind when you post? The point of it all is to be seen and heard, right?

What are you saying about yourself?


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