Blouses on Blouses

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I know it’s been some time since I’ve graced you with a style post, but have no fear! There’s many to come! We need to be well rounded though, you know, good on the outside, better on the inside…

If you’ve followed along for some time you know I love layering and on top of that, I love mixing prints! Why not combine these two methods?

What I love most about this particular combo is that the loose casual fit of the striped shirt is challenged by the synching of the cropped blouse over top. Basically giving me my waist back in a very comfortable way. This is great for extra pizazz through the work week with trousers or a pencil skirt. Or, if you want to elevate some skinny jeans. Another way you can rock the double blouses is with some cute denim cut-offs!

One of the main ways I save my coins is to find new ways to wear what I already have.
Try it!

Here are some similar styles that I love:

Striped Shirt:Ralph Lauren Polo, Floral Crop:Forever 21 (a set with a matching skirt), Grey Casual Trousers:Zara

(Images by: Robert Okine)

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