Too many times we may feel as if we’re undeserving of opportunities we may be blessed with. Feelings of inadequacy can set in as well as the feeling of unpreparedness. These feelings reflect humility and that’s always needed, but we have to view ourselves where we’d ultimately like to see ourselves. For instances if you have dreams of being a CEO someday, then you must view yourself as a CEO in training. I watched a really insightful sermon entitled “You’re doing better than you think,” by Tourè Roberts. In one portion of the sermon he highlighted how many times we can be so awestruck when we’re allowed to be in the room (presence) with greatness, that we forget that we’re actually IN THE ROOM. Who must we be to be in room? This was so reassuring for me as it was an indicator to trust in the destiny prepared for my life. More importantly to never undermine my own greatness. To humbly trust the process and to know I too am worthy of being in the room. On this Monday be encouraged with your journey! The road may be long and trying but that’s what builds grit! Stick to it- YOUR DAY is coming soon, and you’ll be well prepared and fully deserving. Bless ya!

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Trust you’re authority, you’re doing better than you think.

Watch the sermon here.

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