My Girlfriends

Perri |


I’ve mentioned the importance of friendship in previous posts and I honestly can’t stress how vital loving, supportive and healthy connections are! I thank God for my friends and I’m praying you can too!

The Real F word: Dispelling the Myth

Shara Trott |


Okay, so it’s no secret that I am a certified and card carrying ambassador of the feminist movement. Ever since I was a teenager I’ve been obsessed with social injustice in society, taking a special interest in issues affecting women and girls all over the world. If you follow me on any social media platform, I’m sure you’re tired of my thousands of feminist post and I would love to tell you that I plan on stopping flooding your Instagram feeds with my feminist sentiments but that would be a lie. Being that my life pretty much revolves around feminism, it is still so shocking when I am reminded daily that most people still have no idea what feminism really is.

Run With Me: Take Care

Ffion Atie |


Take Care…

No, I’m not referring to Drake’s album. I’m talking about YOU, the person reading this. As I sit on my couch, hair tied up, tea in hand, I can’t help but to pause and appreciate this moment for so many reasons. Most notably the main reason being because it has been a long day for me.

Finding Beauty in Pain

Shara Trott |


“You don’t need all that make-up! Why don’t you try wearing a little less?”
“You’re so pretty! Stop wearing so much make-up, you’ll hide it.”
“You should only wear that much make-up when you go out! Not every day!”