Finding Beauty in Pain

Shara Trott |


“You don’t need all that make-up! Why don’t you try wearing a little less?”
“You’re so pretty! Stop wearing so much make-up, you’ll hide it.”
“You should only wear that much make-up when you go out! Not every day!”

Adversity is Inevitable

Shiniece John |


I’ve always been fascinated with how adversity affects human potential and personal relationships. Having had my fair share of adversity from family issues to toxic relationships, I know first-hand how easy it is to go down the wrong path. I discovered that self-care and self-awareness are the keys to overcoming any obstacle.

The Amen Collection


Shayla & Shondi Woods |

To everything there is a season

The day our Mom found out that she was carrying twins, her promise to God was, “Lord if you give me twin girls I promise to bring them up in your house.” So said so done! In church, two weeks later in pumpkin seats, there we sat on either side of her. Today, our hearts are in constant pursuit of Him.

The forbidden word

Perri |

The forbidden word?

Are you ready? It’s celibacy!

In this over-sexualized and easy access culture, celibacy is a HIGHLY forbidden word.

My journey with this word has been on-going for quite some time now, unfortunately, with many restarts. I include this to say that it’s never, ever too late to jump back on the horse, or not– if you catch my drift.

Solitude is Blessed

Ty’ Oswald |

How many of you can wholeheartedly say that you are comfortable in your solitude? When I ask this question, I am not just referring to going to the movies alone or when you decide to dine in at your favourite restaurant by your lonesome. Nor am I making reference to flights overseas for a weekend getaway by yourself or staying in from Friday to Sunday avoiding all human contact.