Are you happy where you are?

Ty’ Oswald |

Well, are you?

There will  come a time in your journey when God- the Most High- Jah-“your higher being,” whatever is clever for you, removes you from everything that you think you are, in order to birth something new in you.


The Size of Beauty

Shara Trott |

I recently went on a short trip for New Year’s Eve and whenever I travel I always stop at the first newsstand I see to stock up on magazines. Trashy reality television and salacious celebrity gossip are my weaknesses (and I will not apologize for that). Standing in front of the huge monument-like wall, plastered with every major female-centric publication, I noticed something quite alarming but sadly not at all unusual.

The Journey: Langre’

Langre’ Michele |


It was back in 2011 when I made a commitment to change my life.


(How’s that for a dramatic introduction?)


I note the year because it is a reminder for me that CHANGE is hard. Change is work. Change takes time. When I think of the date, I can acknowledge how far I’ve come, but I it also humbles me to remember that every day is a process. Every one should be given a a measure of grace that we, ourselves, have been given. It’s a marker for me to remember a lot can happen in a few years.