Everywhere but the Gym

You know how this goes…

As spring comes to a close and summer approaches, everyone and they mama sprint for the gym! There are several divorces filed against carbs and many decide to embark on a somewhat of a monogamous relationship with H20.

Celebrations: Gold, The Label turns ONE!

* Throws Confetti*

2 years ago I decided to journal my thoughts online as somewhat of a creative release. I purchased a domain with no real plans of sharing it with the world, not right away anyway. On June 4th 2015, a year and some change later I decided to give this space a directional shift and I plunged into blogging with no solid plan of how I wanted to go about it. I just knew I wanted to share a bit of me! I have big plans for this brand but in the interim I figured why not keep those who do follow “The Gold Label” and all of it’s happenings connected in some way…

Skin to Skin

In the past my skin care routine barely existed. It consisted of me occasionally using that Maybelline expert eyes make remover and maybe a make up wipe here and there. You know that product! We all used it one point. Not to mention this was the old expert eyes formula, so my eyes would feel as if they were about to fall out and burn until I drifted into lala land.