da Costanzo Capri

While in Capri we stumbled upon a store called da Contanza. They specialize in handmade leather sandals. Anyone who knows me, KNOWS this process was one I had to experience. I got to select the style and colours along with the strap width and texture. It was so cool to watch my sandals come to life, completely customized for me! The shoemaker has continued the trade that has been passed onto him from his father. They’ve been in operation since 1963.

IMG_9576  IMG_9581 IMG_9580 IMG_9577IMG_9579IMG_9578IMG_9582IMG_9583IMG_9584IMG_9575IMG_9587IMG_9593IMG_9594IMG_9586IMG_9601IMG_9602

I actually decided on some teal and gold tie up sandals at first, then I figured slides might be better, so I selected one teal strap and one gold. I finally settled on the classic gold. If you didn’t know GOLD is my absolute fav!


Written by goldthelabel


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