How to style Avant-Garde

Not knowing how to style vintage items is usually the one thing that stops people from purchasing an interesting piece. “What would I wear with this,” or ” How do I wear this?” probably instantly comes to mind. Items that I personally classify as avant-garde are loud and over the top garments.

Sparkle Tee

You ever have a million thoughts running through your mind all at once?

That was me this morning.

I have a few creative projects up my sleeve, this time for Gold, The Label. My time lately has been divided between school (of course),, as well as other projects I’m involved in. This is all fantastic and I really do count it all joy. The only problem is, I haven’t had a moment to express my creativity for my own projects. This feeling sometimes can be so suffocating because you have the ability as well as the resources but truly no time to create.