I walked into the new year with expectancy. Honestly, in many situations you have to take charge of your destiny and faith it ’til you make it. It’s imperative to your growth! Two words have stood out to me since the year began, and that’s CONSISTENT and PERSISTENT. Don’t they mean the same thing? 

Not entirely…
To be consistent is to follow through,continuously, unchangingly, even after achievement.
Persistence is to press on in spite of  difficulty or opposition to reach a goal.

That is my understanding anyway…
It’s my mantra right now. By God’s good grace I’m expecting amazing things to take place this year! And, so far, so GOOD.

I’ll share with you some new projects I’m working on, as well as, give you an update on a new position I’ve assumed after the trial period is finished.

Life is beautiful, truly, but we have to stick on the course and press toward the mark! It’s so worth.

IMG_6184 IMG_4616 IMG_4558 IMG_6187

How my year began…:)

Top:Thrifted, Skirt:TSOQ, Shoes:Fendi


Written by goldthelabel


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