Sun’s out, palms out

As cold as it is, I’ve been determined to complain less about it. Especially ’cause it could be a lot worse (even though I really am over it). How’s that for a life lesson? I don’t know about you, but I’m complainy, and in hindsight most times it’s completely unnecessary. The first step is to admit, right?!


Back in 2008 I moved to Toronto to  further my education. Toronto is a melting pot of races and cultures as many have migrated here. Almost 70% of the people you encounter are a blend of two races resulting in a biracial individual. Some have more complex mixes with both parents being biracial. Due to the high level of multiracial people in such a small proximity, naturally, when meeting someone who doesn’t visually reflect a certain ethnicity it’s typical to ask, “Whats your background?”


At the start of every year, people from all over proclaim that “This is my year!” Suggesting that the new year will in fact be better than the previous for them. I used to hate hearing that phrase! With every part of my being I used to detest it- In my mind I had no problem with going at my own pace and when opportunities arose I would seize them.

Happy New Year!

Happpppy Newwww Yearrrr!

Can you believe it?! 2016 is here!

Firstly, I’ve been absent- I’m SORRY!
I had to take a break from GTL for finals and a family tragedy. I also travelled home for the holidays, so I’ve really been just enjoying the company of family and friends; as well as soaking up the beautiful place I called home. It gets prettier every time I leave the house!