“Intentionality. // deliberate. determined. destined. ⌚️// #HappyThanksgiving// I’m so thankful for purpose. Every seen and unforeseen situation; setback or comeback. Along with every connection made is all a part of your purpose. Once you understand that, life gets more beautiful. //” #CanadianThanksgiving

I posted this to my Instagram today to share my thankful sentiments. I usually post my thoughts in my journal but I figured why not do something a little different today.

Be intentional with your life! Every last second of it. The company you keep, the clothes you wear, career choices right down to what you eat. Everything pertaining to your life should be carefully curated to assure you that you’ll fall in line with your purpose. We were all created for a reason. Let’s figure it out and live the life that was specifically designed for us! Don’t get weighed down by what seems to be untimely or unnecessary situations. EVERYTHING that we go through is for a reason, and only last for a season ( had to take it to church for a minute *cue organ*). Be blessed! In all things be THANKFUL!

What are you thankful for?

Count it all joy,

Perri xx


Written by goldthelabel


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