DIY: Black Tie-Up Sandals

Hey Guys!

So here’s a super quick and easy DIY. As many of you may or may not know, revamping and transforming shoes is kind of my thing! 😛 My baby The Gold Label started as a shoe revamping business in 2010 and quickly expanded. I’m always creating or reconstructing something, so I figured why not share a few tricks and tips with you guys! With the summer months upon us why not spruce up what you have. I hope you enjoy!
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You’ll need:

// Flip flops

// Scissors

// Scarf

Really easy right?! I’ll try and post a few diy tips every other month.

[ps. I shot and edited this video ALL by myself! Gah..small joys :D..s/o to Lara Smith for low key teaching me everything in years past! I can’t believe I remembered so much..]


Endless Summer

Who ever wants summer to end?

IMG_3040 IMG_3037 IMG_3056 IMG_3046 IMG_3104 IMG_3047  IMG_3110 IMG_3102IMG_3108 IMG_3101 IMG_3106


I find that the best summer days are spent in a relaxing location with a beautiful view and great food! There has to be great food involved! :p. Mickey’s, located in the Lido complex at Elbow Beach Resort, is the best place to spend a Sunday afternoon. With the restaurant situated right on the beach, it’s hard not to be completely at ease. After a long week, unwinding there on my Sunday afternoon was PERFECTION!

Crochet Top:Mango, Pants:Forever21, Clutch:OldNavy, Bracelet:TopShop, PanamaHat:JCrew, Sunnies:TomFord

[shot by: Lara Smith]

All Black Celebrations.

I love birthdays. I love themed birthdays. I love themed birthdays with a set dress code. Don’t you? There’s something super festive about a planned birthday party that I just love. Last week my friend celebrated her birthday at Harbourfront restaurant, and requested that we all wear black. Insert happy emoji here. I LOVE all black shindigs. Is it just me, or does everything look better in black? It’s just so clean cut and always effortlessly on point. My reoccurring gift to this particular friend is snapping shots each year at her birthday celebrations. This year was no different! I had a blast with my friends and thoroughly enjoyed my evening!

IMG_2393 IMG_2399 IMG_2400 IMG_2433 IMG_2375 IMG_2381 IMG_2374 IMG_2384

Dress: Forever21, Shoes:TopShop, Bag:Thrifted, Earrings:Vintage, Rings:H&M

The Perfect Getaway

On Friday, I had the awesome privilege of touring Hamilton Princess & Beach Club. From the newly renovated rooms to the amazing new restaurants, HP has done a fantastic job at facelifting an old beauty. As many locals, I have so many fond memories here. To see the extensive renovations is quite refreshing. Look at this beautiful new court yard! IMG_2697IMG_2713 There’s a new marina, as well as many fun water sports available to the public.IMG_2708 IMG_2771 IMG_2773 IMG_2709 IMG_2748 Now, if you’re an art lover, the grounds are adorned with so many great pieces. Everything from Andy Warhol to ‘Miffy’ by Tom Sachs. IMG_2755 Flowers by Andy Warhol IMG_2737 Miffy by Tom Sachs IMG_2696 Million dollar pumpkin! Ladies does this print look familiar? Louis Vuitton collaborated with the designer to create some limited edition bags in 2012. Pumpkin by Yayoi KusamaIMG_2752 Andy Warhol IMG_2749 Money Map of the world by Justine Smith

Check out the rooms in the newly renovated Poinciana Wing: IMG_2785 IMG_2788 IMG_2791 IMG_2792 IMG_2799 IMG_2806 IMG_2805 IMG_2811 I love the crisp clean lines in the bathroom. Super chic!

Lastly I got to view the restaurants. I didn’t snap any shots of 1609 or the Crown and Anchor restaurant because people were enjoying lunch when I visited. We all know there’s nothing people love more than having a camera in their face while eating, right?  I did manage to get a few of Marcus’. I had my prom in this space! I’m in love with the way they’ve transomed it into this beautiful eatery. The nautical influences are an amazing touch. IMG_2736 IMG_2730 IMG_2725 IMG_2716 IMG_2720 IMG_2722 IMG_2723 More amazing artwork; Nelson Mandela’s handprints!

Thanks HP, I had a blast! 🙂

To find out more information on this amazing resort click here.

Bermuda Fashion Festival

Last night was the 3rd night of the fashion festival here in Bermuda.  I attended the local designer’s showcase and was very impressed with the way each designer incorporated elements from the island into their designs. The designers were paired with an industry professional to mentor them through this process.  I didn’t capture every collection as the lighting changed and I had the wrong lens :(.. but I did manage to get 4/6. The City of Hamilton in conjunction with Shiona Turini did a fantastic job with displaying local talent and allowing them not only to gain experience but exposure. Enjoy!

D.B.A-Alshante Foggo

IMG_2531 IMG_2532 IMG_2534 IMG_2533 IMG_2514 IMG_2523

To see more of DBA click here.

Grace-Courtney Clay (SO proud of her! She was the youngest designer)

IMG_2579 IMG_2580 IMG_2581 IMG_2582

Follow the Grace Collection here.

LoveBomb-Brittany Wolfe

IMG_2625 IMG_2626 IMG_2627 IMG_2628 IMG_2629 IMG_2632

Check out LoveBomb.

M-SEW-Meagan Wellman

IMG_2665 IMG_2667 IMG_2668 IMG_2670

Keep up with MSEW here.

The show was awesome! Congrats to the winners!

TABS (not pictured) : Internship with Rachel Roy

MSEW : Showcasing her collection during NYFW with Harlem Fashion Row

LoveBomb : Internship with Interview Magazine

Also check out NOVAH Swimwear (also not pictured)

Mo’ Better Mondays

No blues here! Apart from being 15 minutes late to work, this Monday was a great start to my week.










The heat in Bermuda is so disrespectful! Minimal, loose clothing is essential! I pulled my huge humidity puffed hair into two braids to keep me cool. A Bermudaful summer is definitely upon us.

Count your blessings, in the heat and all! <3

ShirtDress:H&M, BalletFlats: TopShop, Bracelet:Forever 21-TopShop, OversizedMidiRings:H&M, VintageEarrings:Granny’s Closet