Quick Tip

If you’re like me, when it’s time to pack, you manage to fit your entire wardrobe in your suitcase with a justified reason for doing so. Overpacking = My forte.You just can’t be too prepared, right? For my last weekend trip I managed to comfortably pack by overlapping items to create different looks. What do I mean by over lapping? Let’s take a look:


Errands: I started my day with a white tee and some black jeans ripped at the knee.


Shopping: The overlapping item here is the jeans. I swapped out the white tee for a black dress that I packed to double as a top.


Dinner: Lastly, the overlapping item here is the multi-functioning dress. I freshened up, lost the jean, curled my hair and I was dinner ready.

By giving a little thought to your packing process you can effectively leave much room in your suitcase for your new purchases ;). All the while maintaining your chicness.

To get full outfit details check here, here & here.

Happy packing!


Written by goldthelabel


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