Quick Tip

If you’re like me, when it’s time to pack, you manage to fit your entire wardrobe in your suitcase with a justified reason for doing so. Overpacking = My forte.You just can’t be too prepared, right? For my last weekend trip I managed to comfortably pack by overlapping items to create different looks. What do I mean by over lapping? Let’s take a look:


Errands: I started my day with a white tee and some black jeans ripped at the knee.


Shopping: The overlapping item here is the jeans. I swapped out the white tee for a black dress that I packed to double as a top.


Dinner: Lastly, the overlapping item here is the multi-functioning dress. I freshened up, lost the jean, curled my hair and I was dinner ready.

By giving a little thought to your packing process you can effectively leave much room in your suitcase for your new purchases ;). All the while maintaining your chicness.

To get full outfit details check here, here & here.

Happy packing!

Kasa Moto.

Japanese anyone?

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.40.57 AM IMG_2285 IMG_2288 IMG_2277IMG_2286IMG_2311 Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.43.14 AM

Kasa Moto, YorkVille Downtown Toronto. Check them out here.

I didn’t get a chance to snap my own photos of the beautiful establishment, because…I was starving. With one google search my problem was solved. The first and last photos were found within that search.

Dress: Asos, JewelledSandals: Aldo, Bag: Zara, VintageEarrings: Fatimaya Inc. Bermuda, Bracelet: Topshop

Resolution WE

With the theme of sisterhood, Resolution WE held an amazing brunch with 50+ women in attendance. I was asked to bless the food, and I happily accepted the invitation. The keynote speaker Sophia Greaves offered us encouragement in the most eloquent way. Her message embodied the true essence of how important it is to have unity and connectedness from woman to woman and the beauty in true friendships. I didn’t manage to snap many photos as I was busy networking, but here a few:

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If you’re unfamiliar with Resolution WE, I encourage you to check out their site. Join the movement today!

They say it takes 30 days to make or break a habit; why not network, support, and grow with other women while creating a better you?!

ResolutionWE stands for Resolution Women Encourage.
ResolutionWE works together to keep each other focused, motivated, and most importantly, encouraged.

ResolutionWE is a platform where women can express their personal goals while encouraging their friends and other women from all over to do the same. A brand that started from a simple idea between friends has taken us to New York, the UK and in a few months Bermuda.

Lili Bermuda

Lili Bermuda is such an amazing brand.Created at Stewart Hall, each scent is a beautiful reflection of the island. The fragrances are also bottled and packaged there as well. They offer an array of other products, including bar soap, shower gel & body lotion. Last summer the brand open a luxurious new location in the city of Hamilton on Front Street. Check out this chic space: IMG_2032IMG_1921IMG_1923 IMG_2019 IMG_1912 IMG_2020 IMG_2021IMG_2027 The Bermuda Perfumery is located at Stewart Hall in St. George’s. Here you can tour the beautiful facilities, have afternoon tea, create your own fragrances and of course, Shop! You can also find them online here.

Call me biased, but after working in sales for this amazing company, I truly think there’s nothing like it!